Tini Stoessel is already considered a lucky charm, because in every game he attended, the team led by lionel scaloni won.

That is why Rodrigo De Paul’s girlfriend, who was initially criticized for distracting 7, is now quite loved by cabulero fans. But a sudden change in his schedule surprised the public: she leaves Qatar for work reasons.

The reason is that he will travel to Barcelona, ​​Spain, to record a video clip. The information was confirmed by the journalist Guido Záffora.

In any case, he will return to the host country of the World Cup on Friday, just when the Argentine national team faces the Netherlands.

Renamed “Amuletini” on social networks, the singer is in one of the best moments of her life. In addition to being very focused on her career, with one hit after another, her relationship is more alive than ever.

The young woman, who went to accompany the midfielder to one of the most important championships in the world of football, shared her alienation from her boyfriend on her social networks and the moment she met him again. In addition, she could be seen celebrating in the stadium surrounded by friends and family.