In the midst of a great work present, Tini Stoessel was chosen to give a show at the opening of the South American Games in Asunción, which was broadcast on Paraguayan TV. In full performance, the Argentine artist was the victim of ridicule from the drivers, who, without knowing that they had the microphone open, made comments about the silhouette of the Argentine singer and generated a scandal.

“Look at her navel, I ask you to see,” she is heard saying to one of the drivers in a video that quickly went viral on the networks. “I don’t want to look. I’m going to have nightmares,” the other answers, while the images show the singer of La triple T, in the middle of the show, accompanied by her dancers. Meanwhile, the driver refers to Tini’s boyfriend: “Now I understand De Paul.”

The comments did not go unnoticed by Stoessel’s fans, who did not hesitate to express their rejection. And faced with the repercussions, Paraguayan drivers were forced to apologize publicly. “It was a mistake, I accept it, I admit it. I feel bad, I feel sorry. It was never my intention to harm someone. It really was an out of place comment. It was something that we did not think was aired,” Rodríguez said in a video that he spread on his networks.

For her part, González was very distressed by the criticism she received. “I feel bad, I feel sorry. It was a totally out of place comment, it was something we said without thinking, we joked. I wanted to apologize,” he declared and emphasized the work he does with his colleagues, beyond the comments unlucky.

Finally, Vera remarked that he spoke about Rodrigo De Paul and not about the singer’s leather. “My comment was for De Paul, because I understand that Tini is a beautiful, successful woman and a great artist,” she said. While Stoessel preferred to remain silent and not make any statements about the teasing she was a victim of.