Jesuán Ezequiel Monzón (26) and Franco Ezequiel Zampini (27), Tiziano Gravier’s aggressors, were sentenced to three years in prison for the crime of “serious intentional injuries”. The conviction was confirmed in an abbreviated trial, which Valeria Mazza’s son had accepted to resolve the legal situation against his attackers.

At the hearing, it was ordered that both subjects pay an economic compensation of $200,000 in monthly and consecutive installments of $10,000 for each one, according to judicial sources. In addition, the defendants may not go to bowling alleys for a period of four years, nor consume alcohol and are prohibited from approaching the victim for the next three years.

The two young men were released after the hearing, however they could return to prison if they fail to comply with any of the measures ordered by the judge or if they commit other crimes in the next four years, according to the Mazza-Gravier family’s lawyer, Germán. Pugnaloni.