The “nine coscoínas moons” were finished in the Plaza Próspero Molina. This edition left a great artistic level and a very celebrated staging but above all it left a sea of ​​emotions. Both the public and the artists gave their all in this event. These are some statements from musicians who told how their Cosquín Folklore experience was and the importance of their origins, projects and dreams that prompted them to be in this acclaimed festival.

Christian Herrera

Chirstian Herrera is the lead singer of Matacos. The man who stood on the Cosquín stage this weekend to give a memorable show keeps his first melodies in that patio of the primary school in his native Morillo, a starting point that to this day he defines as the clean and jerk music of him

At the age of 20, he settled in the province of Tucumán to undertake a university career. With his guitar and a bag full of projects and dreams, he began to experience experiences that enriched his musical imprint. When he was 26 years old, he decided to take an important musical step, so he knew how to found a group of young musicians, whose formation was labeled La Bandada. Years later, life would make him run into the talented Simoqueño musician Manuel Sija. Together they would form Matacos.

Remembering his origins and full of emotion, Christian declares that for him “music is a bridge of love” “Music has come into my life to fulfill dreams, to be a tool that connects me with other people, with the shortcomings of our chaco Salta. To build that bridge of love between the demand and those who wish to help us,” added the musician, who in recent times has taken on his shoulders the responsibility of making Morillo the cradle of solidarity, with the purpose of improving the quality of life of their children.

Catherine Vergnes

Catherine Vergnes, born on 02/21/1996 in Paysandú, Uruguay. She is a psychologist by profession and a singer-songwriter with folk roots by vocation. She is recognized as “The Smile of Folklore” and for her impressive shows that overflow energy and motivation. With her charisma, she managed to make her music transcend borders and be heard by different generations throughout Latin America.

Catherine, in addition, year after year is selected by the Ballet Tierra Adentro Company to go abroad representing Uruguay in Folk art in different International Folklore Festivals (CIOFF). She has toured Serbia, Hungary, Italy, and Brazil representing her country.

“I am a psychologist, I graduated a few years ago but the reality is that I have dedicated myself to music. Today I am 26 years old but I started doing this at the age of 7 that has made me grow so much. There came a time when I studied but when I graduated I said : Enough! It’s time to dedicate myself fully to music, “Catherine told about her vocational path.

The artist also admitted that it is a challenge and a joy for her to meet an Argentine public that openly receives Uruguayan folklore songs of her own.

Lazaro Caballero Moreno

This young man from Formosa Capital is the one who, nothing more and nothing less, won the highest distinction of the 57th edition of the National Dressage and Folklore Festival, in Jesús María, in the category of musical artists: consecration.

Lázaro from a very young age was fond of field work, but also music, being his idols Mario Boffil, Zilo Segovia, Jorge Cafrune.

“This is a dream come true. I have been looking for this for many years: to be in the major festival of Jesús María and Cosquín. Today we already have a very firm understanding of what we are, what we sing and the message we want to sing. I am grateful with all the Jesús María changada”, said the artist totally moved.

“I was born in the countryside, I grew up in the countryside, that’s why I defend the music of my region. In Argentina we all have the same customs but we have different regions. We dress differently, we use the horse in another way and that’s what we come to capture our beloved region of Chaco,” recounted Lázaro and recalled his origins

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