On December 19, 2022, the Argentine National Team became world champion in the World Cup in Qatar. And although some think that the joy that was lived is already in the past, they are wrong.

In the last few hours, a video went viral on social networks where a little boy is seen on a soccer field imitating all the gestures that Dibu Martínez made during the last World Cup. He not only imitated his way of tackling but also his dances and even one of the controversial gestures the goalkeeper made when he received the award for best goalkeeper in the world final.

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The video reached more than a million views and 16,000 likes on the Twitter platform. “In 18 years we are going to have more goalkeepers than field players”, “But is it the mini drawing or the son of Michael Jackson?”, “Haha incredible, the world definitely needs more Drawing(s)”, are some of the comments that the users left in the post,

Watch the video here: