The Income Reinforcement was announced on April 18 by President Alberto Fernández to “guarantee that the impact of inflation does not fall on the pockets of Argentines and fundamentally on the most vulnerable sectors.” The first installment of $ 9,000, which begins to be paid today, will be for 7.5 million informal workers, employees of private homes and monotributistas A, B and social.

The bonus consists of financial assistance for $18,000 that will be deposited in the bank accounts (CBU) informed by the benefit holders at the time of registration according to the completion of the DNI number. The second installment of $9,000 will be paid in June.

payment schedule

This Thursday, May 19, the beneficiaries with ID ending in 0 will receive the bonus, while on Friday, May 20, it will be the turn of those with documents ending in 1.

Next week the payment will take place for people with DNI completed on 2 (Monday May 23), on 3 (Tuesday 24), on 4 (Thursday 26) and on 5 (Friday 27), while the last week of May it will be the turn of the beneficiaries with documents ending in 6 (Monday, May 30), in 7 (Tuesday, 31), in 8 (Wednesday, June 1) and in 9 (Thursday, June 2).

Source: Telam