This Wednesday in the Third Chamber of Crime ends the trial against Brando Larrubia López accused of the femicide of his then partner, Katehrine Saavedra. The detainee is charged with doubly qualified homicide due to the link and for mediating gender violence, which carries a life sentence.

Said sentence is the one requested by both the complaint and the prosecutor Marcel Hidalgo. Dr. Antonella Pelanda will insist on the original accusation: “We believe that there is sufficient evidence that (the accused) caused the death of Katherine Saavedra.”

The accused’s lawyers, Noelia Ontivero and Mónica Pico, told Radio Universidad: “It was not proven that what actually killed Katherine Saavedra was our client.”

And they added: “They were together in the car but the version of our defendant is that apparently this girl jumps out of the car, hits the asphalt folder and that is what causes the head trauma that later is what kills her “,

The fact

On February 28, 2021, while they were driving their vehicle in the early hours of the day, Larrubia López -according to the accusation- attacked Katherine and would have thrown her out of the car, leaving her unconscious on the road, in Malvinas Argentinas.

The 22-year-old girl was taken by the police to the Misericordia hospital, where she was diagnosed with polytrauma and severe head trauma: she had received a blow to the head. She katherine she passed away that March 3rd.

Source: Cba24n