This Tuesday the second hearing of the Trial for the ferocious crime of the young Fernando Báez Sosa is held. First, Oscar, who was the father-in-law of Fernando Báez Sosa, will testify as a witness before the Court of Dolores. Eight rugby players accused of the January 2020 crime in Villa Gesell are being tried.

Along with the man’s statement, nine of Fernando’s friends who are direct witnesses of the beating that the 18-year-old received in front of the Le Brique nightclub in the center of the city of Villa Gesell are also summoned to testify.

Likewise, it is speculated that in this second hearing Julieta, the young woman who was Fernando’s girlfriend at the time of his assassination, could also testify.

It will be the second trial hearing and perhaps one of the most important, since the witnesses were direct observers of the attack on Fernando that tragic dawn.

For the entire trial, the statement of about 130 witnesses is expected and the idea of ​​the Oral Criminal Court 1 of Dolores is to end the witness test on January 18. That day will mark a new anniversary of the crime and for which a march is scheduled in the city of Villa Gesell.

Source: NA