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Today is the "Milanese Day"

Every May 3, the Day of the Milanesa is celebrated in Argentina by the initiative of a group of fans of this traditional food.

Why is Milanesa Day celebrated today?

The date emerged from social networks and was decreed for every May 3. Thus, on this day throughout Argentina, the origin of a classic that is safely at the top of the gastronomy of our country is remembered.

The milanesa is a battered steak that is fried (or can also be baked) and that over time has earned a place in the hearts of all Argentines. Later, this name began to be used to cook various foods in this way, in addition to meat (chicken, beef, pork and fish), such as soybeans, cheese and vegetables.

Origin of the milanese

Although there are different versions about the origin of this dish, one of them explains that the Milanese arose in the Italian city of Milan, where it is known as Cotoletta.

It is said that in the year 1134, when Milan was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, an Italian cook offered this dish to the Court in Austria for the first time and that after the arrival of immigrants to Argentina, this popular dish varied to that is currently known.

As we already know, there is no need for reasons to celebrate the milanesa, so much is the passion of the Argentines for this dish, that a few years ago it managed to earn its own place in the calendar: the Day of the Milanesa. Today you will surely know what to have for lunch!

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