After the great result last week in Alberdi, this Sunday the second edition of the activities called “Collectivities in your neighborhood” will take place, with the aim of publicizing cultural aspects and other integration actions. In this case, the chosen area will be the Center, in the Greco-Melika San Jorge Cathedral, on Calle Corrientes at 200. The meeting will be from 12 to 18.

The activity is supported by the Directorate for Accompaniment and Support for Immigrants, dependent on the Secretariat for Planning, Modernization and International Relations, of the Municipality of Córdoba.

Various dance shows, music, talks are planned and, in addition, there will be typical meals to learn about the traditions and history of the Arab community.

The first day in the Alberdi neighborhood was a success, not only in calls and participation, but also in scope, since the communities found spaces to spread their culture to other sectors of society. All celebrations are open to the public and free.

On this occasion, together with the Arab community, dance shows, music, talks and typical dishes of the protagonist communities will be offered, with portions of food ranging from 600 pesos, to be consumed on the spot or to take away. Meals such as shawarma, Arabic rolls, wrapped children, empanadas, cold creams, fried quebbes, labne and Arabic desserts.

This Sunday’s party will feature different activities: talk about life in Islam; popular dances and traditional styles; the “Melkite rite”; Muslim women’s clothing in the Middle East; the history of the Lebanese Syrian society of Córdoba and the Aramaic language.

There will be various dance groups that will perform typical performances with different ballets and groups, varied rhythms (belly dance, dabke). You can also enjoy musical shows by Khalil Gibran and Raffi AVAKIAN and Orchestra.