During her usual press conference at the Casa Rosada, the national official, Gabriela Cerruti, explained that the Government “is not currently analyzing” a fixed-sum wage increase, but clarified that with the aim of aligning prices with wages “It is analyzing a battery of measures and none is ruled out.”

In this framework, the official indicated that “between today (yesterday) and tomorrow” the Necessity and Urgency Decree will be published in the Official Gazette “so that workers who have plans can access blank employment, which is the great goal of the Government”. She explained that the objective of this decree is to allow “workers who are receiving social plans to formally start working formally.”

The proposal will offer tax and tax benefits for private employers who “will only pay social works and ART”, and contemplates that the State covers for one year the part of the salary of the new worker equivalent to the amount that he receives today as a beneficiary of social plans.

“The DNU will continue to support the amount that those who are under these programs receive today, and the rest of the salary will continue to be paid by the employer, who will have another number of remuneration possibilities for incorporating these workers,” Cerruti explained. .