This Tuesday the seventh hearing of the trial that follows 13 officers accused of the murder and subsequent cover-up will take place.

Two of the four friends who were with Valentín Blas Correas (17) when he was killed by a police bullet in August 2020 in the city of Córdoba, will testify as witnesses this morning. Last week Mateo Natali (19) and Cristóbal Bocco Cámara (19) testified, while in today’s hearings Camila Tosi (19) and Juan Cruz Camerano Echavarría (21) will testify, the latter driver of the car where the five were traveling.

The technical court of the 8th Chamber. of Crime and the popular jury will begin the hearing at 9. This week there will be three days of debate, between today and Thursday, and it is expected that Juan Correas (21), brother of Blas, and the maternal grandparents of Blas will also testify. the victim.