Germán Font, the campaign manager of the United for Marcos Juárez party, spoke with Canal C at the close of the elections. “The tables have already closed, we are very happy because it has been a wonderful election, a celebration of democracy and joy. We were able to work with our team in everything that was the campaign, today the neighbors joined us. We are very happy and we are going to be very respectful with the results”

In relation to the feelings that Font has been going through at the end of the day: “The feeling is one of great joy because we have given everything the team had to give. The prosecutors are currently working, as corresponds in each of the tables. It is my first election as strong as election coordinator, on a personal level it has been very important”.

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“Marcos Juárez is choosing his highest authority, which will be a female mayor and we are very sure that it will be Verónica,” the campaign manager remarked.

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