The trial for the murder of Santiago Orellano Chávez (18) comes to an end and today the sentence that the 5th Chamber of Crime of Córdoba will dictate against the main defendants will be known. The incident had occurred in August 2020 on the field in the Comercial neighborhood, in the southern area of ​​the city of Córdoba.

The main accused is Franco Daniel Tapia (26), who faces the crime of aggravated homicide due to the use of a firearm. In addition, he is accused of calamitous theft, for stealing the victim’s cell phone.

The other defendant is Ramón Mariano Rodríguez, 35, accused of attempted murder aggravated by the use of a firearm, coercion and abuse of weapons.

In his final argument, the prosecutor Marcelo Fenol requested a life sentence for Franco Tapia, arguing that Tapia killed the young man with treachery, by shooting him in the back and without the possibility of a defense.

He also requested an 8-year prison sentence for Rodríguez.