The sister of Marcelo Macarrón and two friends of the murdered Nora Dalmasso will testify this Tuesday at the seventh hearing of the jury trial that the widower is being followed as the instigator of his wife’s crime, which occurred on November 26, 2006 in Río Cuarto.

The court of the Criminal and Correctional Chamber of the 1st. Río Cuarto’s nomination summoned for tomorrow Rosario Márquez and Paula Fitte de Ruiz, two of Nora Dalmasso’s (52) friends who shared a dinner on November 24, two days before the femicide at her home in Villa Golf Club.

This dinner had the particularity that the attendees had made a reservation for five friends at the Resto Bar Alvear, located at 923 Alvear Street, in the city of Río Cuarto, but when Dalmasso arrived at the place around 10 p.m. (she was the first to attend), they informed him that a person had called and had canceled the reservation.

According to the elevation in the opinion of the prosecutor Luis Pizarro, “it can be established and corroborated that none of Nora’s friends, nor the victim would have given any notice of cancellation, so it can be concluded that said aspect could be a further step within the previous organization that required the criminal network”.

In addition, the prosecutor linked the cancellation of that dinner to Macarrón (62), by assuring (after analyzing the telephone communications) that the call that annulled the reservation was made by a person a few minutes after Dalmasso spoke with his husband to inform him that she was going to meet her friends that night.

Silvia Macarrón, sister of the accused, will also testify, who during the investigation of the case declared that “Nora’s relationship with Marcelo” had been “excellent, at least in the eyes of third parties” and added: “Normal like any marriage.”

The last of the witnesses will be Guillermo Lenti, the son-in-law of Margarita Riega de Dalmaso, who testified last week and said that she is a distant cousin and friend of the victim.

The prosecution process with popular juries began on March 14 and has Macarrón as the only defendant, who faces the crime of “homicide qualified by the link, by treachery, and by price or remuneration promise in an ideal contest.”

In the prosecutor’s request for trial, he is accused of hiring hitmen to kill his wife, and not as a criminal perpetrator because in the case it is proven that on the date of the crime he was participating in a golf tournament in Punta del Este (Uruguay). ).

Nora’s body was found on November 26, 2006 at her home in the Villa Golf community in Río Cuarto and, according to forensic reports, the woman was killed by mechanical suffocation using the tight bathrobe as a double tie around her neck.

According to prosecutor Pizarro, as part of the criminal plan, the murderer “ordered the scene in order to simulate an act of a sexual nature, after which he left the place, leaving no trace of his person.” The official pointed out at the opening of the process that the judging of macaroni must be carried out “under a gender perspective.”

Source: Telam