Starting at 10:30 this Tuesday, the presidents of the four largest parties of Together for Change, the PRO, the UCR, the Civic Coalition and the Republican Peronism, meet to start working together for the elections 2023, lowering the level of differences between them and putting together a strategy at the national level. Thus, the heads of radicalism will face each other, Gerardo Morales; of the Civic Coalition, Maximilian Ferraro; of the PRO, Federico Angelini; and Republicans, Miguel Angel Pichetto.

“We are going to take the work agenda that we had set out and that is focused on the serious work that the four party foundations have been doing,” Ferraro indicated. The national deputy pointed out that it is time to “relax the intensity of the dispute within Together for Change” and work on “go to a competitive STEP, which is orderly and respectful among the candidates”.

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The meeting will take place moments before the date for the meeting between the members of the National Board of Together for Change, after the internal fights of the PRO agitated the fight between all the partners. This meeting is expected to define a new call to go to the National Table.

It should be noted that it will be Angelini’s debut in this type of meeting as president of the PRO, since days ago Patricia Bullrich He requested leave from office to be able to get fully involved in the electoral campaign.