This Sunday Chaco had to go to the polls for the PASO in the province, in the context of the disappearance of Cecilia, only 53% of the 993,000 citizens reported for the vote. Yesterday, the governor, lieutenant governor,

Together for Changeobtained 42.66% of the votes counted while the Chaqueño Front, led by the current governor, Jorge Capitanich, obtained 36.83% of the votes.

Within JvC, the formula of Juan Zdero and silvana schneiderwith 23.08%, will be the ones who will present themselves in the elections on September 17, thus beating the formula of Juan Carlos Polini and Delfina Veiravéwho obtained 19.58%

Jorge Capitanich, who is seeking his fourth term, within the Chaco ruling party, Capitanich obtained 36.83% when the ballot closed with 96.1% of the tables. However, he continued to outrank ismael espinoza already Gustavo Martinezmayor of the city.