This Sunday saw the first Big Brother elimination gala, the program that has the entire country on edge. In a forceful definition, it was known that Tomás Holder was the most voted to leave the house just a week after the start of the reality show.

The decision was in the hands of the public, who had to choose between Marcos, Agustín and Tomás. In the first minutes of the night, Santiago del Moro He was in charge of announcing that the vote was partially closed, to find out who would be the first saved. For this, he contacted the house to announce to everyone the first decision of the people. And so it was that the “little brothers” found out that, with 17.9%, Marcos continued in the game, since he was the one who had harvested the lowest percentage among the three.

Finally, and minutes after half past eleven at night, the first eliminated was announced. “Whoever leaves the house of Big Brother is…Tomás”the driver announced, to the surprise of all the participants, some of whom were disconsolate.

“I had a great time, I loved meeting you all. Although I put together a group, at some point I talked to everyone. I take something good from everyone, it was a game. Right or wrong, I had fun, I did what I could and I don’t regret it, I leave with my head held high, “said the young man before leaving. Moments later, del Moro announced that the newly eliminated had garnered 59.40% of the votes, while Agustín 40.6%.

Holder’s elimination came as a surprise to the house participants. However, the memes rained on the networks and many users celebrated the young man’s departure.