The Ministry of Social Development reported that this Friday, June 9, the amount of the Social Card for Celiacs will be credited. The provincial program provides for a monthly credit of 5500 pesos for the purchase of gluten-free foods.

The beneficiaries will receive 16,500 pesos, corresponding to the last three periods of April, May and June. From the moment of accreditation, they have until June 28 to exhaust the balanceafter that date that amount is lost.

Currently, there are more than 1,200 people under the program who can make purchases in businesses enabled for operations with the Social Card that has a Bancor posnet. The card does not allow the withdrawal of money from an ATM, since it is only to make purchases of food suitable for celiacs in participating stores.

He Celiac Care Program It reaches 1,260 people from the capital and the provincial interior, in a condition of socioeconomic vulnerability. In this way, the Ministry of Social Development accompanies access to food for a better quality of life for the recipients, reinforcing the diet with specific products, also conducting training for families, and evaluating their evolution.

To contact the Celiac Care program, by email [email protected]