Tonight the Municipality of Córdoba will deliver the distinctions to the winners of the 2022 Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera Award, the highest award granted by the Government of Córdoba to local leaders for projecting different values ​​in activities such as culture, health, education, sports , journalism, neighborhood communities, commerce, entrepreneurship and the institutional.

At the ceremony, the distinctions will be awarded to the following categories: “Jerónimos in memoriam”, dedicated to Cordovans who no longer accompany us physically but their legacy continues, and the “Jerónimos de la gente”, personalities or groups proposed based on their concrete work for the community, linked to social service and solidarity, and elected by the vote of the neighbors.

Starting at 8:15 p.m., the presentation of the Jerónimo 2022 Awards can be followed live through the official social networks of the Municipality of Córdoba: Instagram (@municba), Facebook and YouTube.

This year the Jerónimo de la Gente award, which is chosen by vote of the people of Córdoba, went to La Casa de la Kindness, an organization dedicated to allowing people with terminal illnesses to live their last days accompanied, with an improvement in their quality of life. and can say goodbye in peace and with dignity.