After the latest increase in withholdings on soybean meal and oil, from 31% to 33%, the ruralists advance with different actions to oppose the official resolution that seeks to solve the “Temporary Stabilizing Fund for Argentine Wheat”.

Self-convened producers from the Alto Fierro region decided to unite to carry out a “tractor hit” this Tuesday, the 22nd, in the city of Córdoba. The mobilization will be at 10:30 am on the ring road in the capital of Córdoba.

The caravan of tractors is expected to depart from Alto Fierro at 8:30 a.m. and then they will surround the ring road, leaving the southern zone, and finally they will hold an assembly on route 36.

Juan Amestoy, a reference for self-convened Producers in the Alto Fierro region, explained: “From 8 o’clock we will show our displeasure at the government’s direction: every time the numbers do not close, they take money from the field.” “We understand the situation, we are aware of the horror worldwide, but things have to be quantified: just as prices go up, costs go up,” the producer explained to Cadena 3.

The government measure was announced last Saturday by the Minister of Agriculture, Julián Domínguez: “The measure establishes the temporary suspension of the differential of two percent of the soybean meal and oil export duties of decree 790/20. The suspension of these export duties will make them return to 33%, a percentage that the companies already discount from the producer,” said the national official.