The informal US currency continues to swing in price. This Tuesday the blue dollar rose again after a stable Monday, and is offered at $206 in Córdoba, while in the city of Buenos Aires it is offered a little cheaper, at $204.50. This means a rise of about $3.50 in today’s trading, continuing the upward trend.

Last week it had reached $212 and then fell back to $200 during trading on Friday. Currently, the gap between blue and wholesale is 75%.

The month of May began with the purchase of 180,000 dollars by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic. This amount exceeded what the entity accumulated during the month of March, so it continues to be in deficit.

Meanwhile, financial dollars remain on the sidelines of this rise in the parallel price. The MEP dollar fell 1.2% to $207.5, while the cash with liquidation yielded 0.8% to trade at $209.4.

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