Villa Santa Cruz del Lago, a town located just 7 km from Villa Carlos Paz, inaugurated the Ecological Trail, which invites the community as a whole to travel through the activity of trekking on the local flora and fauna.

Roberto Grosso, Secretary of Tourism of that town, indicated in dialogue with Canal C that this is good news for both locals and visitors. “We try to value this ecological path that begins on Mortero de Indio street, which leads to the lake. It is the street that divides the town of V. Santa Cruz del Lago and V. Parque Síquiman”he explained.

Grosso also stressed the importance of getting school children to this walk “so that they can be in contact with the environment to take care of it. It is a part of the native forest where you can see all the species of the Punilla Valley.”

You enter through National Route 38 and Mortero de Indio and you will reach the ecological trail. From there there are 2 kilometers to Lake San Roque, with descriptions of the Flora and Fauna of the sector. “Due to the topology of the place, it can only be done on foot” the tour. “There are some resting places and others to have a panoramic view of the lake”, he pointed.

Coverage: Rubén Alvaraz