He Ministry of Health of Córdoba, through the Department of Zoonosisreported 3 cases of trichinosis in the province of Cordoba. One of them is from the city of Córdoba and two correspond to the department of Río Primero: one from the town of Las Gramillas and another from Villa Santa Rosa.

The patients are in good health and were treated in different health centers in the province. It was reported that people had consumed salami and chorizo, coming from the department of Río Primero.

What is Trichinosis?

It is a disease transmitted by eating raw or undercooked pork contaminated with the Trichinella spiralis parasite. The clinical manifestations are highly variable and can present as an unnoticed infection or present symptoms that generally begin with fever, severe muscle pain, headache, and pain and swelling around the eyes. Gastrointestinal signs such as diarrhea and vomiting may also appear.

How to prevent it?

● Do not consume or allow the consumption of raw meat and/or homemade sausages that have not been inspected prior to preparation.

● Verify the manufacturing label or label on all pork by-products that are purchased. The following must be clearly read: product brand; responsible company; national authorization number of the establishment; manufacturing and expiration date of the product; maintenance condition in terms of ambient temperatures; and label with the composition of the product.

● Do not consume choripán in unauthorized or unauthorized stalls.

● Salting and smoking meats are not enough to destroy the parasites present.