If you are experiencing some problems using WhatsApp Web from your computer because the messaging application takes a while to launch in your browser, there is a solution for it. In principle, there are three small tricks that will allow you to speed up the startup of WhatsApp Web.

First you need to clear the WhatsApp cache. This method can be implemented very easily, for this you must clear the WhatsApp cache from a mobile device. The cache is a storage reserved by the software to “have on hand” and be able to retrieve the most used or requested data.

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By deleting the WhatsApp cache you will not lose any information. You will simply free up the space reserved for that application, which will allow the app’s processes to work faster. To perform this task you have to go to the settings option on your cell phone, look for the section called applications there you select manage applications. Then you must search for WhatsApp and select storage and press delete cache. And ready.

Another option is to delete WhatsApp files. The application has a collection of multimedia files where everything that has been sent to you within the conversations is saved. By deleting these files, we help prevent the loading of WhatsApp on the web.