On World Pasta Day we leave you five tricks that will make your pasta come out perfect. These tips are traditional in Italian cuisine and have been passed down from generation to generation. Below we tell you about each of them in detail.

Calculate the exact amount of salt

Add a tablespoon for every two liters of water, which comes to 1.5 grams per liter of water. This is the right point so that it is not too salty or with little salt. The salt must be added when the water has broken to a boil, not before.

Neither oil nor butter

One of the big mistakes we make repeatedly when cooking pasta is to add oil to the water where we are going to cook it. The oil causes the pasta to acquire a slippery film that does not favor it. If you don’t want the pasta to stick, all you have to do is calculate the amount of water to use for cooking.

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The exact moment to put the pasta

When the water begins to boil and after adding the salt, it will be the exact moment to add the pasta, always maintaining the cooking temperature, that is, we are going to keep the water boiling. The pasta should never be added before the water is bubbly, as we run the risk that it ends up overflowing.

Pasta al dente

The cooking time and all the previous steps are essential to achieve a good texture in the pasta. This should be eaten al dente, which means that the central part of the pasta will not be fully cooked and the pasta itself will keep its shape.

The ideal sauce for each pasta

Sauces based on oil are mainly used to accompany long pasta; while cream-based sauces are usually for short pasta. Tomato sauces in their various forms can accompany both types of pasta.