Another eight people were affected by the outbreak of bilateral pneumonia caused by the Legionella bacterium, one of them in a serious condition, after a change in the criteria for selecting patients, bringing the total to 13 cases and six deaths, reported the Minister of Health of Tucumán, Luis Medina Ruiz.

“Today we are including at least eight new patients, of which one is a patient, two are health personnel and five are caregivers of patients who were hospitalized”, Medina Ruiz reported this Monday at a press conference.

In this context, he added: “We are including within the patient selection criteria any health personnel, patient or family caregiver who has been in the month of August or has received a surgical intervention in August at the private clinic and who has any compatible symptoms.”

“We are talking about fever, some respiratory cold, or others, of different severity, not necessarily bilateral pneumonia”specified the head of the Tucuman health portfolio.

Source: Ministry of Health of Tucumán