The Ministry of Health reported the deaths of two twin babies born at the Maternal Neonatal Hospital, whose birth occurred at 23 weeks of gestation prematurely.

As reported, the file is labeled as “death of doubtful etiology”, and the investigation is carried out by the District Attorney’s Office 4, turn 6 of the city of Córdoba. Of the two children, the boy died on the same day of birth, October 26, while the girl died on Tuesday, November 15.

“Having learned of the summary proceedings in the last hours of today, the corresponding areas were instructed to initiate an administrative investigation, as well as to provide the Prosecutor’s Office with all the information that was required for the purposes of the investigation.“, says the communiqué, at the same time that “both deaths were duly notified and that the root cause analysis of both deaths is underway, as established by resolution 1375.”

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In principle, these two deaths would not be immediately related to the string of deaths that occurred in that same hospital months ago, and which keeps the nurse Brenda Agüero imprisoned, and accused of a dozen public officials.