after the first statement by the former director of the Maternal Neonatal Hospital, Liliana Asís, The Justice decided to impute two other people in the case that investigates the death of at least five babies: Claudia Ringelgheim -former deputy director of Neonatal- and Alia Ariza -former head of Nursing-, both for the figure of omission of duties of public official.

It was decided by the prosecutor in charge of the case, Raúl Garzón, who also decided to summon Esteban Ruffin, the former head of Capital Hospitals, as a suspect. However, for the moment, he has not been charged in the case.

Who was who in the tasks of the Maternal Neonatal Hospital?

Ringelgheim: It was the second in responsibilities after Assisi. The area with the highest incidence of it was Obstetrics, precisely where the attacks against newborns occurred.

Ariza: was the boss of Brenda Agüero, accused of being the material author of the deaths.

Ruffin: Appointed by former Health Minister Diego Cardozo, he was the direct head of Asís and the link in the chain of responsibilities between the hospital and the Provincial Ministry of Health. He was appointed “controller” when the director of the Hospital was displaced.

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