Ulises Bueno has two great passions: the first, and best known, is linked to music and more specifically to the quartet genre; the second is perhaps the least known but which during his life he has used as his grounding cable, basketball.

Not only is he a fan of this sport, in fact he has openly expressed his fanaticism for the Chicago Bulls team, but he also occasionally gets together to play with his friends. A sport that helps you decompress the tension and stress that working at night can bring.

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Now on social networks the singer shared a funny moment where he tried to parody one of the basketball legends, Michael Jordan. Luckily for him, the shot came out spectacular and El Flaco shone once again just as he does on stage but this time on the field.

It should be remembered that Ulises is preparing to carry out an important agenda this weekend. This Friday he will perform at Plaza de la Música with his baile de la remembrance and on Monday the 13th he will be one of the central figures of the “cuartetero night” at the International Festival of Peñas de Villa María, where he will share the stage with Magui Olave, Dale Q’ Va, Q’ Lokura, La Konga, DesaKTa2 and Los Herrera.