The Association of University Professors and Researchers of Córdoba (Adiuc) will carry out a strike today from 11 o’clock to demand wage and labor improvements. With criticism of the National Federation of University Professors (Conadu), the union of the National University of Córdoba (UNC) assured that in the last seven years the salaries of the sector fell by 37%.

“With this day of struggle we give continuity to the action plan started with the forceful national strike last week, whose main objective is to reach the salary review scheduled for May strengthened,” they indicated in a publication from Adiuc. As indicated by the union, after having reached its maximum historical peak in October 2015, the purchasing power of the salaries of university professors fell by 37%, to which was added the inflation registered in February (102.5% year-on-year ) that “he finished burying the road map that the Executive had drawn up, and the agreement signed by Conadu seems to ignore this situation.”

In this regard, they assured that Conadu accepted the offer “ignoring the pronouncements of majority teacher rejection in collective instances”, which “consolidates a new salary decline in 2022 and is insufficient to begin to recover what has been lost in recent years.” They also argued that the teachers who spoke out against the salary agreement have “a deficit representation in the national parity”, for which they demanded “to be incorporated into the negotiation.”

In this framework, the union called for the abandonment of tasks from 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday. At that time, the university professors will gather at the Adiuc headquarters in Ciudad Universitaria, share a lunch and go to the Argentina Pavilion where, starting at 2:00 p.m., they will seek to make their claim visible while the University Assembly that will deal with the extension takes place. of the mandates of the one-person authorities of the House of Trejo. The measure of force is expected to be extended for Thursday the 30th.