The automatic information exchange agreement between Argentina and the United States entered into force on January 1, with the publication of the documentation this Monday in the Official Gazette. At this time, Argentines with undeclared accounts in the northern country find out in accounting studies what to do with the money.

The sending of data would take place once the North American country approves the computer security regulations of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP). Once these central requirements have been met, both governments estimate that the transfer of information could take place in September 2024.

From the National Government they assured that the agreement is a tool to carry out a money laundering projectwhich will be sent to National Congress for debate when the extraordinary sessions open.

Therefore, as of this year, Argentina can be found on the US Treasury website on the list of the 114 countries with which there are intergovernmental agreements (IGAs). Although “Not yet in effect” appears since it was signed in December, that is, it is not yet in effect, the Government clarifies that the page is simply not updated, in fact, this Monday was a holiday in the United States, but confirm that the agreement entered into force.