This Wednesday the National Government released as good news the latest official data from INDEC on the labor market. These showed that until June unemployment affects 6.9% of the active population; In the same period last year, in the midst of the second wave of Covid, unemployment had marked 9.6%. Translated into other words, these numbers reflect that unemployment affects 1.46 million people throughout the country and, in turn, it is the lowest unemployment rate in seven years.

Lucas Navarro, a renowned economist from Córdoba, visited the flat of channel C and there he read the “fine print” of reality that shows the latest figures from the Statistics and Census Institute.

“Although data on the unemployment rate of less than 7% for the State is good news, it is a partial indicator of the functioning of the labor market. It is not a complete description of everything that is happening,” said the specialist. .

“Indeed, there is more employment and it occurs in a context in which more people went out to look for work and found it. But on the other hand, when you see the type of jobs that have been generated, which explain this drop, you find that there is a setback. The quality of these jobs is really low,” explained Navarro

In this sense, he stressed that the recovery of employment privileged informality and the appearance of self-employed jobs. In this way, in the last twelve months, informality jumped from 31.5% to 37.8%, the worst record for that rate since 2008.

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