The unemployment rate in the third quarter of the year was 7.1% (equivalent to 1,500,000 people). two tenths above the 6.9% of the previous quarterreported the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec).

In turn, underemployment – people who work less than 36 hours a week – stood at 11%, which represents close to 2,400,000 people. When looking at the specific populations for the population aged 14 and over, the unemployment rate was 7.8% for women, and 6.5% for men.

Of a total of 29.2 million people in 31 urban agglomerations, 13.9 million (47.6%) constitute the economically active population (occupied or available for work) and 15.3 million (52.4%) form part of the inactive population. Of the economically speaking population, 12.9 million people have at least one occupation and 1.0 million people are unemployed but are actively looking for work and are available to do so.

Meanwhile, in Córdoba unemployment was 7.2%, slightly above the total for the country, but with a noticeable drop compared to the 8.7% in the second quarter of this year and the 11.4% that had been registered in the same period. from last year.