A case series of diarrhea in Florianopolisin it State of Santa Catarina (Brazil) already posted to more than 1250 people affected, between locals and tourists, this Wednesday. The Municipal Secretary of Health local confirmed that the city is undergoing a epidemic in the beginning of this summer 2023 but they still do not know the cause that causes it but it is suspected that the large number of tourists that filled the beaches caused an increase in water pollution.

The epidemic affects residents and tourists who went to different health centers to report gastrointestinal problems during these days and established that “The causes are being investigated, and one of the hypotheses is that the cases may be related to places that are not suitable for bathing on some beaches, especially in the north of the island.” They also stated from the newspaper G1, the state version of Globo that “Of the total number of cases detected, 914 were identified in the Early Care Unit (UPA) in the north, in Canasvieiras, while in the UPA Sur, 337 were registered.”

The report of Institute of the Environment of Santa Catarina (IMA) pointed out that beaches like Canasscallops and English They have most of the areas not suitable for bathing.

On the other hand, it was reported that the Epidemiological Surveillance Board is monitoring the cases in the municipalities, and that last Friday a meeting was held with the health operators of Florianópolis and Itajai, on the north coast. At that meeting it was decided that samples will be collected and are being sent to the Central Laboratory of Public Health of Santa Catarina (Lacen) to identify the causative agent of the epidemic.