Until this morning, everything suggested that the government’s objective of obtaining 5 billion dollars in settlements of the soybean complex would fail. However, in the last minutes before the market closed, the liquidations set a record of more than one billion dollars and reached 5,080,017,606 dollars.

The event is completely unexpected since even initial expectations had been lowered to 3,500 million when the effects that the drought was generating on agricultural production were observed.

These are undoubtedly good news for Sergio Massa who is on a trip to China betting on the income of foreign currency from that country and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), after the failed harvest of the last year that left the state coffers half empty.

However, despite having achieved the proposed objective, the Cental Bank was only able to acquire US$852 million during this period. That amount represents only 16.7% of the total liquidated, while in previous editions it had managed to retain between 65 and 74%. In this sense, the need to make another differential change is not ruled out, since June and July are months of high demand for foreign currency.