Today UNC is without classes. Thousands of students from all over the country make an arduous journey to be able to have the honor of inhabiting the classrooms of Casa de Trejo. Even so, there are frustrating days when reality overcomes illusions. Today is one of those days. This Thursday and Friday the streets of Ciudad Universitaria will remain silent to adhere in a form of mute respect to the struggle of teachers, intellectuals with doctorates, researchers and trainers of the country’s future professionals, who are forced to stop before a society who does not seem to value, at least in economic terms, their work.

For this reason, the extraordinary assembly of Adiuc affiliates decided to continue the action plan in defense of the teacher’s salary and work and, in coordination with other teacher federations, decided to carry out a 48-hour strike on April 20 and 21.

The teachers’ union joined the proposal of the national plenary of the FAB (National Front of Base Associations of Conadu) that asked the national government to advance the two remaining quotas to the month of April, increases that accompany inflation and salary recomposition and a emergency fund for social works.

The Assistant Secretary of the institution, Leticia Medina, stressed that the union rejects the salary agreement signed in March. In this sense, he stated that “from 2015 to present, University teachers have lost more than a third of their salary”. Likewise, Medina referred to teacher salaries, which are below inflation, and demanded that the salary negotiation be reopened. The intention is also discuss the working conditions of workers at the National University of Córdoba.