This Friday the blue dollar rose again, in the midst of a day of extreme volatility in the marginal market. The North American currency hit a jump of $10 and ended the wheel of this Friday at $522, thus marking a new nominal all-time high. During the day, the “blue” reached $525 per unit, but at the end it fell $3 to end at its current value.

In Cordovathe bill also set a record, closing its price on $528. In the year it climbed 52%, compared to inflation of 50.7% accumulated in the first half of 2023.

How much are the other exchange rates:

• Official dollar: $276.88.

• Wholesaler: $265.05.

• Cash with liquidation: $518.63.

• MEP or Stock Exchange: $489.37.

• Savings or solidarity: $457.05.

• Tourist: $487.08.

• “Qatar”: $554.

One of the reasons for this new escalation is due to the uncertainty generated by the lack of agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the proximity of the elections. On the other hand, it also impacts the greater currency in the hands of the public from the payment of Christmas bonuses in salaried workers and the addition of winter vacations and the departure of tourists.