An exciting video went viral in the last few hours due to the emotion shown by a young woman upon receiving a gift that she had waited for almost twenty years.

Candelaria Raciop showed on the social network TikTok (@candelariaraciop6) that, after blowing out the candles -on her River cake- for her 25th birthday, someone gives her a gift that until then they had not given her.

Wrapped in shiny blue and silver paper, inside was what Candelaria had wanted since she was 6 years old but until then they had not been able to give it to her: a pink Barbie Jeep Safari Fun model car.

She hadn’t finished ripping the wrapper when, seeing just a glimpse of the box, she realized that her lifelong dream had been fulfilled and she automatically burst into tears. “Oh my!” she is heard saying excitedly, before being unable to speak anymore.

Look at the young woman’s reaction: