An unprecedented moment was recorded by the cell phone of the witness of an arrest: in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Constitución, a City police officer was on his own detaining an alleged criminal, who was reduced to the ground face down.

The video shows how the uniformed man asks for the cell phone of an elderly citizen to request reinforcements -not with his radio-, and it is just at that moment that another thief approaches the scene.

The subject acts quickly: he runs towards the aforementioned situation and takes off the white sneakers of the detainee who was lying on the floor.

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stop, stop, stay here”, yelled the uniformed man, who could not do anything to stop the new criminal since he was alone in the operation.

The video, shared by the economist and columnist Manuel Adorni on the Twitter social network, has thousands of views and received comments such as “And the cop asking grandfather’s cell phone to ask for reinforcements. Fantastic”; “100 years of Perón”; “It’s a scene from División Palermo. A parody of a politically correct police station. They say very funny. It’s on my list”; “CABA. A place in Argentina “;” he is the owner of the shoes, he is the one who was forced to recover his shoes “.