The UTA (Automotive Tramway Union) announced a Unemployment of the five subway lines for an indefinite period after the murder of the police officer of the City of Buenos Aires, Maribel Nelida Salazar. She was seriously injured by a passenger who had stolen her service weapon at the station. Withdrawal.

The entity announced it in a statement on Tuesday, where it resolved that: “After the violent episode that occurred in the offices of subway line C, where a City Police officer lost her life and a fellow subway worker was injured, the Automobile Tramway Union decided to strike from 5:00 p.m. indeterminate, until both the company EMOVA and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires agree to strengthen the security scheme and a greater presence of police officers is available. In the current scenario of increasing violence, situations occur every day that can lead to tragic eventslike the one that hurts all Argentines today,” finished the letter.

First, representatives of the Subway line C metro delegates announced at a press conference the suspension of service after the murder of officer Salazar.We are going to continue unemployed and you don’t know how much. Line C for the moment, but we are talking with other lines to see if they are going to join or not. Line C will not run all day,” confirmed a delegate, who in the company of other subway workers stated that “maintain a sustained claim “asking for security“Because this happens daily, many times we are stabbed, they hit us and there is no response.”

The event occurred this Tuesday morning at the time a subway passenger got off at the station Withdrawal and had an argument with an employee of EMOVA (Buenos Aires Subway concessionaire). It is there when Salazar, intervened in the discussion and the man who had gotten off the subway he took the regulation weapon from the effective police officer and started shooting.

Two of the bullets hit the officer, one in the thorax and another in the neck; and another of the detonations hit the waist of a subway operator. Salazar died in the Churruca Hospital after being airlifted from Withdrawal.