After so long the wait is over. ¨ Valentina Olguín’s musical tamaso, “Ay Hombre!”, can now be found on all platforms. “Now I’m very chocha with the release,” the singer confessed with a bright smile.

Valen Olguin began uploading videos to his channels showing off his great singing ability, performing acoustic versions of cumbia pop songs by bands like Márama and Rombai, and reversing well-known songs like The loser of Maluma, All of Me by John Legend, crazy to see you again, among others. He also knew how to be part of the LQmbia band from his hometown where he together with them performed You are my Religion of mana and Hungry Heart by Abel Pintos and Alone here Airbag, among others. His first own theme is called I know you lie and it was done together with Agustín Cartier.

The woman from Santiago was also part of the Uruguayan group Dame 5. A band that gained great recognition thanks to songs like Skin to Skin, Baila Morena, Dime Cosas Lindas, among others.

Now, as a way of reinventing her career, Valen decides to “go it alone” with this catchy song, whose premiere coincided with a busy time for its composer. “These months I have been full with a show in bowling alleys. I was also at a very nice festival in Catamarca and I was touring Rioja, San Juan too,” he said.

Regarding the process of being encouraged to publish a song alone, Valen told Mimi that it was a process that has been taking place over time. “The energy in the group was not the same. Each one thinking for himself. I also felt the need to make a more personal project, to express what is mine more,” said the artist.

“As for making the songs and writing them, I have always had the decisions because they have been like a son of mine. Think about what it is about, see the acoustics, see if I want to make it a ballad or a more partying one, it is my final decision always,” he commented. about the creative process.

Valentina Olguín, in addition to being a talented singer, is a young medical student. This last passion was the reason that led her to live in our beloved Córdoba. Still she couldn’t help but say that what really makes her heart flutter is music.