Espacio Canal C, hosted by Ivi Merlo, received Vero Vaira. Actress, producer, model, businesswoman… The Miami-based Cordoba made a season in Villa Carlos Paz with “Show a la carte”, a play that was produced together with Esteban Loaiza, and with the participation of Giuliana Valenzuela, April Manzanelli, Marcos Ontivero, Sander Maurin and Lucas Loza.

Vaira produced six plays in the 2023 summer season, including the hit piece “Trum – The Folk Show.” In this regard, the actress said that starting in the theater “was very difficult” to enter Buenos Aires. Upon settling in Miami and after being part of a magician in the United States, she began modeling for Playboy magazine, for which she posed for a total of 16 covers.

She went through a very difficult illness, something that made her rethink her life. “I really like to help, I have foundations that, as it was difficult for me to be here, sometimes I meet someone who has talent and I recommend it. Many came out of my shows, La Bicho, Fernando Bertona… What happens is that many artists later forget where they started”points out. “I started to select people more, because by helping a lot of people I ended up hurt.”

Now Verónica has many more expectations going forward and for the coming seasons. See the full note: