Verónica Sikora, candidate for mayor for the city of Córdoba, proposes moving forward in applying Javier Milei’s “chainsaw plan”. This would mean halving the number of secretaries in the city in order to cut political spending.

“After an in-depth study of the Municipal Secretariats, the scope they have in providing services to residents and the size of the structure they cover, we came to the conclusion that it is possible to cut the Municipal State in half and end with the enormous expense that sustaining those posts generates for us, which serve only to contain political militancy,” declared Sikora.

This cut would also be carried out in the plant of municipal employees. “Employee who does not work, employee who leaves,” she remarked, indicating that the situation of each one will be controlled file by file. “The municipality cannot be a place of containment of the militants and of payment of political favors of the power of the day. We have been seeing it for years and there was not a single Mayor who has not brought in hundreds of employees before leaving. This is very expensive for all Cordoba”.

The municipal chainsaw plan consists of reducing the Secretaries from twenty to eleven, leaving:

  1. Secretary of Government
    2.Secretary of Economy
    3.Human Resources
  2. legal advice
  3. Environment Secretary
  4. Urban and Metropolitan Development
  5. Health
  6. Transit and Transportation
  7. Education and culture
  8. Secretary of Citizen Participation
  9. Secretary of Social Policy, Inclusion and Coexistence.

They would remove:

  • Secretary of Communication- becomes Management.
  • Secretary of Culture – is reabsorbed in Education.
  • Secretary of Prevention and health care, they are united again in the Secretary of Health (currently there are two secretaries of health)
  • General Secretary (reabsorbs its function Government)
  • Women’s Secretary. It is eliminated and will articulate directly with the Provincial Women’s Pole.
  • Coordination Secretary, is eliminated.
  • Inspection Secretary – Becomes Directorate, within the Government
  • Secretary of Transit is unified with Secretary of Transportation.
  • Secretary of Modernization (reabsorbs its Government function)