The lawyer and candidate for Mayor of Por la libertad Primero, Verónica Sikora, was at the Political Day this Thursday, July 6, discussing her candidacy for the city of Córdoba.

The candidate explained how the freedom party began in Córdoba and its proposals. “We were three people and we counted Milei’s proposals. Now we are thousands,” she explained. Although many people reject the ideas of liberalism, each time they have been getting closer and gathering people to support them.

In turn, he responded about his position that Javier Milei does not go down to support the candidates for freedom in the country: “I have forged a link with space and when the time comes to choose the candidacies for the elections, I offers me for National Deputy, but I already had a lot of people who are committed and who put a lot of time”. “He told me that I am not going to go down to Córdoba because I am not going to go anywhere, there are more than a thousand municipalities. It is impossible logistically because there is no structure“.

Later he explained his perspective on the issue of security in Córdoba and said that the proposals made by Rodrigo de Loredo (Together for Change) and Daniel Passerini (We United for Córdoba) “they are ridiculous“. “We what we propose is a fixed and permanent neighborhood securitywhich differs from that established in the law, hand in hand with private security“.

The lawyer also expressed the importance of leave only secretaries that serve and work in the city. “We have a technical team that analyzes the Córdoba budget and each budget item that the secretaries have, which is 20.”

One of the issues that have been around lately is that the candidate for president, Javier Milei, would charge in dollars for each candidate from his party, but Sikora denied the fact “He never asked me for a penny. If I’m going to admit that we collaborate with the act when Milei came to Córdoba”.

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