An unusual fight broke out in the middle of a plane minutes before taking off at the airport Salvador de Bahia International, in Brazil. The aircraft belonged to the company Gol Airlines and was destined for Sao Paulo.

According to local sources, it all started when one of the passengers asked another if she could exchange the window seat for her son, who would have a disability. The woman’s refusal would be what caused the anger, which ended with many people involved in a fight with their fists, kicks and scratches.

In the videos circulating on social networks, you can see the plane’s staff trying to separate the members of both families who hit each other, without success. One of the women involved even ended up with her shirt in rags and had to cover herself with her hands.

Finally a total of fifteen people were expelled from the flight. The moment was registered by the other travelers, who were crying out to stop such a tense situation.

The company issued a statement in this regard: “The video scene circulating on social networks took place before the flight G3 1659 will take off this thursday (February 2) from Salvador (SSA) to Congonhas (CGH), in Sao Paulo. The people involved in the scenes of aggression were disembarked and did not continue their journey. The company condemns all acts of violence and stresses that the measures taken by the crew were taken with safety in mind, Gol’s number one priority.”.

The comments were very varied, but the majority criticized the actions of all those involved, especially for being in the presence of their own children.

“Only beautiful people, pleasant conversation, with a lot of refinement and sophistication. A great example of a mother who avoids exposing her son, with great calm and delicacy. Her closest relatives reverberate elegance and class at the highest levels of civility”, wrote a Twitter user wryly. “I even thought the pilots had left it on autopilot”suggested another.

Another passenger captured the tense moment from another angle: