The Ministers of Industry, Commerce and Mining, Eduardo Accastello, and of Agriculture and Livestock, Sergio Busso, held a meeting on Monday in Hanoi with the Prime Minister of Vietnam, Phạm Minh Chính, within the framework of the Commercial and Institutional Mission of the Central region in the Southeast Asian country.

During the meeting, in which the governor of Entre Ríos Gustavo Bordet also participated, Phạm Minh Chính raised the possibility of enabling three weekly flights by the Vietnamese airline to the Central Region. Specifically, the Córdoba Air Hub would be the recipient of these flights, which would represent a very important link with the countries of Southeast Asia.

Likewise, progress was made on definitions that both Cordoba ministers and the governor of Entre Ríos had previously discussed with the vice ministers of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hiep, and, of Industry and Commerce of Vietnam, Mr. Do Thang Hai, related to the negotiations for this country to import pork meat and citrus fruits produced in the Central Region.

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The meeting was also propitious to promote the idea that the Central Region, through cooperation mechanisms, establish links with the provinces of Vietnam in a work of institutional articulation in relation to the complementation of products and markets and bilateral trade.

In this sense, the contribution of this mission in strengthening diplomatic relations between Argentina and Vietnam, which will be 50 years old next year, was highlighted.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday the officials were received by the vice president of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce, Vo Tan Thanh, and the Ambassador of the Argentine Republic in this country, Luis Pablo Beltramino.

Meanwhile, the businessmen held a meeting with Robin Stuart Laeso, an Argentine businessman based in Vietnam, who informed them about the main characteristics of the Vietnamese market and investment strategies. They also participated in Business Rounds with local businessmen. While this Wednesday, they will be present at the Food Expo Vietnam 2022 Food Fair.