Many times mothers are not accompanied to do paperwork for work or simply because they do not want to, but from now on you just have to say “yes”. A family chat went viral after one of the world champions opened the doors of her house for her.

Toco happened a few days ago when the Twitter user @felascocco posted a photo showing the family chat where his mother uploaded two photos with Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo in Rosario.

“My mother today asked me to accompany her to Funes to do a paperwork, she couldn’t and she ended up in the house of God. The literal ‘I missed school and Messi came’”, wrote the young man.

The tweet immediately went viral as many took it as a meme and starting point for a joke, as well as realizing that you shouldn’t say “no” to mom.

“Naaa. I can’t believe it,” reads the conversation after Graciela and Tatín, protagonists of the story, sent photos with the captain of the Argentine National Team from their home in Funes, Rosario.

In their networks, Fela recounted why they had been able to enter the player’s house: “They were on the sidewalk across the street for a while, just the two of them. Messi came out, signaled for them to come closer and they, sweeties, passed by. Lionel is the greatest there is.”

Even so, and despite stating “I’m never going to forgive myself,” the young man said that seeing his mother happy “covered up the sadness of not seeing him.”

In the last hours Messi continues to revolutionize Rosario after being intercepted by fans and fans when he left his house with his wife to go to enjoy his niece’s 15th party.

For several minutes the situation spilled over but many managed to have the photo with the captain of the National Team despite the fact that he did not get out of the car as a precaution.