A woman came across the most unexpected surprise of all and her reaction was recorded on social networks. On the TikTok platform, it was the very protagonist of this story, a mother named Kacie, who shared what happened in her house.

With the user @kacieandco On the aforementioned platform, the woman wrote: “When you go looking for the remote and end up performing emergency surgery on your couch… only to find the most terrifying abyss that is 13 years of child rearing.

That description tried to summarize what the clip showed, with its harshest reality: the remote control of the TV in the living room had been lost inside the sofa. When she turned it over and cut the fabric bottom with a sharp object, she found kilos! garbage accumulated over the years. And yes… the device was also in that place.

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The video quickly went viral, garnering more than five million views on TikTok, 459,000 “likes” and thousands of comments.

“A child almost walked out of there”, “We look forward to the second part filling the bags”, “It’s a time capsule”, “The Twilight Zone”, “My chair right now”, “The Bermuda Triangle” , “A hidden treasure. How nice it is to find what you lost 13 years ago ”, were some of the comments on the post.

Watch the shocking moment: