Learning to drive can be very easy for some people, but for others it involves a lot of nerves and stress. It not only implies putting into practice everything learned but also dealing with many external factors when we first went out on the street.

Aware of all this, four young people came up with a plan to help their friend who had gotten her driver’s license for the first time. The idea was to accompany her closely, taking care of her, so that she would feel calm the first time she drove in the midst of the chaos of city traffic.

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With a sign on the back of the car indicating that she was a beginner. She accompanied her on two motorcycles, one in front and one behind her, indicating that they were “the escorts” of the young woman. Katherine Morales, a woman who was driving her car, came across this situation and decided to record a video that she later shared with her followers on TikTok, under the title: “Imagine living in Germany and missing this.” The video already has more than seven and a half million views and has 100,000 likes.

Watch the video here: